Don’t get locked into expensive subscriptions.
Pay once for Selfie 360 and use it forever!

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What Makes Selfie 360 Better Than Touchpix?


Say Goodbye to Recurring Fees

Our licensing options give you maximum convenience and flexibility without the headache of a subscription. You can take our software out for a test drive with a short-term rental or settle in for the long haul with a lifetime license. The best part? These are not subscriptions. No strings attached here! You pay once, and that’s it – no unexpected bills, no complicated cancellation processes, and certainly no subscription fatigue.

No subscriptions
Lifetime License


Capture the Moment, Own It Forever!

Investing in a lifetime license with Selfie 360 is more than just a purchase – it’s a smart move towards absolute control and reliability. Instead of getting lost in a sea of subscription fees and renewal dates, you get permanent access to our software with just one payment – and just like that, the worry of unexpected price increases or sudden discontinuation vanishes. It’s the simplicity of this deal that sets us apart – pay once, use forever.


No Internet Required for Sharing

We’ve made photo and video sharing from Selfie 360 hassle-free by eliminating the need for an Internet connection. This is achieved through a local network, accessible by scanning a provided QR code. Users simply scan a QR code to connect. Then, they can quickly download their personalized video or browse through the complete gallery. It’s quick and simple, designed with user-friendliness in mind. With Selfie 360, photo and video sharing at events becomes effortless and efficient, all possible offline.

No Internet Required


We'll Keep You Grounded

While Touchpix relies on cloud-based technology and an iPad interface, Selfie 360 takes a different approach. Our software runs locally on your PC, empowering you with full control over your 360 photo booth. By eliminating the reliance on the cloud, Selfie 360 doesn’t require internet connectivity for setup and event syncing, so there’s no chance of getting locked out at an event. Photos and videos are stored locally easily accessible with no need to upload a thing. You won’t find us cloud-chasing. We prefer to keep our feet on the ground (or your PC in this case).

Why Choose Selfie 360?

With Selfie 360, you get a lifetime license option, no subscription, competitive pricing, local data control, and no need for an internet connection for your guests to download their videos. It offers a level of freedom and value that Touchpix simply can’t match. We’ve done the math, and it looks like we’ve got the upper hand. But don’t just take our word for it, give us a shot and see the difference for yourself!





Does Selfie 360 require a subscription?

No, Selfie 360 offers a lifetime license and a 1-month short-term license that is pay-as-you-go.

What does a lifetime license for Selfie 360 cost?

We offer a lifetime license for $699. No subscription. No additional fees.

What does a short-term license for Selfie 360 cost?

We offer a 1-month short term license for $89. No subscription. No additional fees.

What happens after my short-term license expires?

Nothing. It’s not a subscription. You can purchase another month at any time when you need it.

Does Selfie 360 require an internet connection to download photos?

No, Selfie 360 doesn’t require an internet connection for guests to download their photos.

Can I use Selfie 360 on an iPad?

Selfie 360 is designed to run locally on a PC, offering more flexibility and accessibility.

Does Selfie 360 have a customer support number?

You can reach us at +1 619-382-9089.

Does Touchpix offer a lifetime license?

No, Touchpix offers only subscription-based services.

How much does Touchpix cost?

Touchpix charges $140 per month or $999 per year as part of a subscription model. They also have weekly and quarterly subscriptions.

Does Touchpix have a customer service phone number?

Touchpix offers support via email and chat.